'It's embarrassing,' as Seattle welcomes visitors on Monday, homeless encampments still se

We are now just five days away from Russell Wilson returning to Seattle for the first time as a visiting quarterback. It will be one of the biggest games of the NFL season and

the city will be under the national spotlight. However, just outside of the stadiums, some fans and visiting fans may need to walk near homeless encampments that have not

been fully addressed. That includes one on 4th avenue south, across from Lumen Field and T-Mobile Park that KOMO has reported on before. It sits on WSDOT property. On

Wednesday, KOMO talked to fans going to the Mariners game, who walked by the homeless encampment on WSDOT land. “It’s embarrassing,” one Mariners fan said, "I think it's

kind of a black eye on the city of Seattle, I do,” another fan said. Another local area fan visiting the ballpark said it shows that the city's homelessness and housing plan

still has issues, "if anything, I think it's a reminder that we have things we need to be working on and stuff and things to address still.”

Caption: KOMO Minutes away, we talked to Russell Meyer who works along 3rd Avenue South. That stretch of roadway is another place where fans

park and walk to the games. We have been documenting work on that area for months:

https://komonews.com/news/project-seattle/seattle-safe-lot-for-rv-owners-returning-but-will-it-work-this-time-after-prior-failure City crews did clean up the roadway about a

month ago, but Meyer said the RVs are starting to come back.