Eye on Politics: The candidates for Tarrant County Judge share their priorities

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) -   The candidates for Texas Governor argue over defunding the police, two polls from different groups show potentially different outcomes for the November

elections and Jack Fink is chatting one-on-one with the candidates for Tarrant County Judge. We cover these stories and more in this week's episode of Eye on

Politics. Every week, CBS 11 political reporter Jack Fink breaks down some of the biggest political stories grabbing headlines in North Texas and beyond. Watch the latest

episode of Eye on Politics in the video player above and stream new episodes live every Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. on CBS News DFW.Race for Tarrant County Judge It's one

of the key political races in North Texas this year: Tarrant County Judge.  Republican Tim O'Hare and Democrat Deborah Peoples are vying to succeed Republican Glen Whitley,

who's retiring this year. Both candidates sat down with Jack to explain why they think voters should take a chance on them.  Peoples points to her experience as Vice

President of AT&T, where she worked for 30 years. "This is an administrative job," she said. "It's about managing a budget." She also said she's qualified,

committed and concerned about all the residents in Tarrant County, not just a certain group. O'Hare, meanwhile, said the position needs a disciplined leader, which is

something he believes he can be. "We also need people who will speak the truth and speak up on issues," he said. "Not worried about is it going to affect the reelection, is

the media going to come after them, is the mob going to come after them."