California activates emergency generators for the first time

The state of California has called on four emergency generators for the first time to help alleviate the power grid. The California Independent System Operator (ISO) has

called on the Department of Water Resources of Roseville and Yuba City to activate the generators. [RELATED] California facing chance of blackouts amid brutal heat

wave According to ISO officials, the generators can provide up to 120 megawatts to the power grid by using natural gas and by using a special system that helps reduce

emissions, limiting its air quality impacts. This amount of megawatts can help power up 120,000 homes. Officials say the generators were installed in 2021 for

emergency use only like in the case of wildfires, climate-driven energy emergencies, and extreme heat. [RELATED] Skaggs Bridge Park closed during peak heatDWR has been

planning for this moment for months and we’re proud of our role in safeguarding the statewide energy grid. We are doing everything possible to help keep the lights on and the air

conditioning running so millions of Californians can stay safe and healthy during this extreme heat event,” said Karla Nemeth, DWR Director. In the process of preparing for an

emergency, DWR is partnering with PG&E to produce, install, and operate dozens of backup generators. The plan is to only use them during a level-2 power emergency when

declared by the ISO. During the extreme heat, PG&E programs outages to help conserve energy. Residents can find out when an outage might be scheduled in their area by

visiting a PG&E site here.