500+ illegal migrants hit southern border in a few hours, as Martha's Vineyard buses out 50

More than 500 illegal migrants hit one part of the southern border in just a few hours on Friday -- just as Martha’s Vineyard was scrambling to cope with an influx of just a

tenth of that amount. Fox News, using thermal imaging technology, spotted lines of migrants flooding across the border illegally in Eagle Pass, Texas -- one of the worst hit

areas of the migrant crisis that has roiled the southern border since early 2021. Within just two hours, Fox News saw three large groups totaling over 500 illegal border

crossers in three spots. There have been over 450,000 crossings in this sector of the border alone this fiscal year. In Del Rio Sector, where Eagle Pass is contained, alone

there is an average of 1,500-2,000 illegal crossings every day. The Del Rio Sector saw 3,300 illegal crossings and more than 733 "gotaways" last weekend alone. MARTHA'S

VINEYARD'S ‘HUMANITARIAN CRISIS’ IS JUST 0.000025% OF THE BORDER CRISIS The encounters come just as a political controversy was ongoing in Martha’s Vineyard, where Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis had sent 50 migrants on planes. Democrats decried the move cruel and a political stunt. Republican governors in Texas and Arizona have bused migrants to the

sanctuary states of Chicago, New York and Washington D.C., although still just a fraction of those encountered at the border. "They used them as political pawns — treated

them like chattel in a cruel, premeditated political stunt." White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Friday of the GOP governors. WHITE HOUSE ACCUSES REPUBLICAN